64th National Conference of All India Hindu Mahasabha concluded in a grand form

64th National Conference of All India Hindu Mahasabha was held on Saturday in Garhwal Bhawan, New Delhi.

On this occasion, senior Hindu Mahasabhaiyas from various parts of the country organized a mass gathering in Garhwal Bhawan, New Delhi in which unanimously nominated the famous Saint Tridandi Swamiji as National President under his leadership, resolved to do national and national security work

He said that will be appointed at the district level and block-level units in the whole of India inside the 2 month their obligations will be transferred today is passing through the country anomalies and demonic forces to consistently dominate religion Therefore, in today’s time, the Hindu Mahasabha’s crusade has become very important in the society. On this occasion, a wreath was laid on the picture of Nathuram Godse.

Delhi Police had made adequate security arrangements in the Assembly. The entire Garhwal Bhawan was seen lying with the saffron flag 

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