August 30- Birthday, Amar Balidani Kanailal When it was awakened from the deep sleep on the day of the execution, he said, “Where are the hangings, hanging?

” That incomparable idol of heroism, which could hardly have been shown to be a freelance contractor.

The birth anniversary of Amar Balidani Kanai Lal Datta ji is today, which gave us a freedom of expression, without a free-sketch, has raised a question which can hardly be given as an independent contractor’s answer

He is the hero who has tried everything to be removed from the pages of history. The name of Veer, whose name has been forgotten like they have never done anything, what is the relation between the contractor today and what the Sanjaghat did in Parliament every day, why do not the people who questioned him have been hanged in a fiery youth? What did the heroes do? If these were the principles during their execution, then what did they do for their family after 70 years of independence?

Lal Ji was born on the same day today ie August 30, 1888 in Hooghly in Bengal, which is being wounded somewhere with the Bangladeshi infiltrators. In the anti-Bengal movement of 1905, Kanaillal went ahead and came in contact with Surendranath Banerjee, the leader of this movement.

B.A. After the examination was over, Kanaillal went to Kolkata and joined the famous revolutionary Brihandar Kumar Ghosh’s party and lived here in the same house, where weapons and bombs were kept for the revolutionaries. In April 1908, Khudiram Bose and Praful Chaki attacked Kingsford in Muzaffarpur. In this attack, Kanaill Dutt, Arvind Ghosh, Bainendra Kumar, etc. were caught.

A young man of his party, Naren Goswami, became the official informer of the English. Kanailal Dutt and Satyen Bose decided to target Naren Goswami to target his bullets inside the jail. Satyen first became ill and admitted to the jail hospital, then Kanaillal got sick. Satyen sent a message to the informant Naren Goswami that I got bored with the life of the jail and want to become a government witness just like you. I became another partner, with this happiness Naren, Satyen went to the prison hospital to meet.

What was then, before seeing him, Satyen first and then Kanalal Dutt piled him up with his bullets. Both were captured and both were awarded capital punishment. It was written in Kanailal’s judgment that it will not be allowed to appeal. On November 10, 1908, at the age of 20, Kanaillal died in Calcutta hanging on a hanging trap. Their weight increased in prison

Only after listening to the hanging, someone could not even sleep, but when the jail staff reached her cell to take them on the day of the hanging, Kanaillal Dutt was in deep sleep at that time. And with the help of comfort, the sacrificial person, with his hand, kissed the execution of hanging at the age of only 20 years. Amar and sacrifice, the rightful owners of India’s independence, will be able to present Sudarshan News on his holy birthday today. While bowing, he repeated his resolve to reach the glorious saga, always to the people. Balidani kanai lal jee live .. 

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