21st August- Birthday Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban, sacked by bullets, these heroes fired from Islamic terrorists and killed 4

21st August- Birthday Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban, sacked by bullets, these heroes fired from Islamic terrorists and killed 4

Another hero who slipped to remember the sacrifice probably could not have the freedom contractors.

No matter how much effort, why not try to keep all sacrifices and sacrifice around yourself and your people around the house.

To do anything else to tell and lie in order to explain that the rest are beyond the fight of independence and unity. But the testimony of truth gives time and the time is still presenting a history when India Late Natarajan Parthiban, another immortal sacrifice that protected the land from the Islamic terror, was born on today 21 August 1983 ..

This Mahavira Lieutenant Natarajan was born on August 21, 1983 in the family of the brave and brave retired Major V. Natarajan and Mrs. Tamilselvi. On August 8, 2005, he joined the “Officer Training Academy Chennai”. After 42 weeks of rigorous training, he emerged as an army officer from this military academy. On March 18, 2006, he joined his unit 5 J & K Light Infantry. He did a course from Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare from the CIJW School. He was posted in the Garware sector on the Line of Control in North Kashmir.

On October 7, 2006 at 6:30 am some misfortune Pakistani terrorists tried to cross the Line of Control. However, this intrusion attempt was successfully failed by Lieutenant Natarajan’s accomplished leadership. In the frustration of infiltration attempts, the terrorists opened fire on Lt Natarajan, from which the officer was seriously injured.

In spite of being injured, Lieutenant Natarajan, in spite of his personal safety, operated an operation against the terrorists, in which four sad terrorists were killed and huge ammunition and ammunition were recovered from the dead. Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban was a brave soldier who had unmatched devotion towards unparalleled courage, specific bravery, inspirational leadership and duty. Who sacrificed his supreme sacrifice for the country’s On, Baan, Shan, who maintained the tradition of sacrifice of Indian Army.

Lieutenant Natarajan was honored by his Excellency President of India for his heroic action against Terror. The heroic hero of India’s mother, who is offering life on the unity and integrity of India, from the Islamic terror, is today on her birthday. The Sudarshan News family repeatedly praises Mahavira, Naman, and congratulations.

 At the same time, the true heroes of India’s unity and integrity repeats the resolve to honor them by bringing the world forward. Lieutenant Natarajan remains immortal … Jai Hind’s armya 

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