Birthdays or auspiciousness are done at midnight, then what are the consequences thereof ? As per the holy scriptures

Celebrate at 12 o’clock in the night or do any goodwill, then be careful … coming in the ill effects of foreign culture, strange customs have started these days. It is 12 o’clock to celebrate and celebrate birthday. But do you know that Indian science holds it wrong? Today we are going to tell you just how big a disadvantage can be by doing this.
Nowadays someone has a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or if there is any other opportunity, cutting the cake at twelve o’clock at night is the latest fashion. People are excited about the fact that the cake is cut at twelve o’clock in the night. It is often seen that people celebrate their birthday at 12 o’clock ie Nishith kaal (phantom period). . Nishith is the time in the night that is usually between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock in the night.
It is called midnight or half night time. According to science, this time is the time of invisible powers, ghosts and vampires. At this time, this power gets overwhelmingly strong. There are many such powers where we live where we live, but we often adversely affect our lives, which makes our lives go awry and we become directionless. A birthday party often involves the practice of wines and meat.
In such a way, by consuming a cake in the phantom, consuming alcohol and meat, invisible powers decrease in the age and destiny of a person and unfortunately knocks at his door. Except for a few days of the year such as Diwali, 4 Navratri, Janmashtami and Shivratri, Nishith Kala gives auspicious effect by making Mahasishitha Yatra, while at other times gives corrupted influence.
According to the scriptures, the best wishes given at the time of the night give adverse fruits. According to Hindu scriptures, the beginning of the day begins with the sunrise, and at the same time, there is also the ascetic of sages and monks. Therefore, the atmosphere in this art is pure and negativity. In such a way, according to the scriptures, the person should behave only after the sunrise, because at night, the amount of roses and tones of the particles in the atmosphere is high and the congratulations given at that time or the good wishes become unfavorable without being fruitful.

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