Yogi is not less than any stigma for governing this act of BJPPaired against women police officer in Banda.

Know which incident is similar to a stigma for Yogiraj?

Sometimes the story of army’s brave officer was very famous when they trampled their own army. This type of incident in football matches is called a suicide goal when a player shot from the foot goes to his own goal

And in cricket it is called hit wicket when a batsman spins his stumps cuffs with his own bat. There has been a similar resemblance to some similar incidents in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh, where a woman police officer with first showed indecency on Facebook, then there was a sloganeering against the police officers. There was no one else doing this, but the BJP workers themselves.

It is known that for Yogi Adityanath’s government, the biggest challenge in the present time is the legislation of believing in the people of the state that the law is doing its work and the sister daughters of the state are completely safe in the rule of law.

But at that time, there is a lot of disturbing and irony for any rule when its own workers stand against the administration administered by their own party and start speaking words like dictatorship which are often called opposition groups. .. At that time, the entire Banda saw the strange situation when the party workers present in the government were shouting slogans against the administration.

It is known that after a long time after all the efforts of some local leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, which came to power in UP, proved to be an attack on the morale of the administration of the state and the Opposition parties were given an opportunity to attack themselves. . This incident happened on Thursday when a long and successful term of about 13 months was completed after completion of the Banda district, the BJP leader himself on Facebook against Shalini, the transferred SP (SP) for Mirzapur, has done extremely condemnable and indecent remarks.

In such a case, the proceedings were both probable and necessary, after which the police took the local BJP leader into custody under the IT Act and arrested him on Wednesday night. But after that suddenly hundreds of BJP leaders and workers came to the spot and they started sloganeering against the police.

The work of S.P. Shalini will be treated as untested in Banda district as there was no such incident in her, which forced the police department to go back on any backfoot.

The person who used to make these malicious remarks on the SP Shalini was the Brijesh Tripathi, the Mahu Mandal President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, and used them for social media’s Facebook Platform. Recently, Modi called upon the general public to use social media to experiment with constructive works, but himself, by his own workers, these acts would be deemed to be his wires.

Between them all, when BJP leader Tripathi was taken to the district hospital for medical check-up etc. on Thursday morning, the BJP workers also reached the number of hundreds and they surrounded the hospital. Later, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (CO), Raghavendra Singh took the accused to Kotwali Sadar, in his official Jeep. In this gahmagami of around four hours, CO Raghavendra Singh told in the evening that all the streams lodged on the accused, Brijesh Tripathi,

Therefore, the private money has been filled up and released from Kotwali. But by then the matter had given a lot of ruckus to the BJP. However, in this matter, BJP leaders say that the BJP leader Tripathi has been beaten badly by the custody, it is not clear even now. The Facebook account at that time itself was running the BJP leader himself, or else but such behavior with a woman officer can not be considered less than a blot for any rule. 

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