A country which has condemned the 34 traitors who did not stand in the jails, at the time of the national anthem

A country which has condemned the 34 traitors who did not stand in the jails, at the time of the national anthem While the Hindus in general hardly do all the humiliation of the national anthem On August 15, when the entire country was celebrating the Independence Day, the national flag was saluting the Tricolor at the exact same time in the country, the fanatics refused to sing the national anthem in the name of religion. Apart from this, the news of insults of the national flag of the national anthem sometimes and often.

Where in India, in the name of the freedom of any radical expression in India, insulting the national anthem, it speaks of dividing the nation. At the same time, 34 people in one country of the world have insulted the national anthem; If these people did not stand up in time, they were imprisoned in jail under treason. This incident is of the Philippine. According to the news, 34 people were arrested and they were put in jail on charges of not standing on national anthem in a Philippines cinema.

According to the reports, this incident happened in a mall’s theater in Lemeri, in the province of Shanangas on Thursday. The national anthem ‘Lupang Hinirang’ is played in every theater of the Philippines before the film begins. According to the reports, a movie called ‘The Hows of Us’ was being shown in Cinema 2 of Centro Mall, located in Lemeri, Tangunas province. The national anthem was being played before this film but these 34 people refused to stand during that time

After this, the police arrested all these people by accusing them of insulting the national anthem and sent them to jail in sajuny streams. Police of the Philippines said that these 34 people have violated RA 8491, also called ‘Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines’. According to this law, any person can be punished for fines or up to one year if he is found guilty of violating his provisions. The penalty can be up to 5,000 pesos (around Rs 6,300) to 20,000 pesos (about Rs 26,000)

Police say that the person who insults the national anthem can not be given an apology and can not be allowed to insult the nation in the guise of human rights. 

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