British police arrested a minor girl Actually, he was a terrorist who had to lay down at least 100 corpses

The biggest example of how panic is taking every country and every class in its transit, its greatest example came when there was a case in Britain which was also unexpected for anyone

What has happened this time is enough to tell that if it is not controlled at the earliest then it will ruin the world. These were neither unemployed nor poor. They were from a big house but they also got rid of the horror of terror ..

It is understood that the British Police has arrested three people, including a teenager, in connection with the terrorist activities.

London’s Metropolitan Police said on Tuesday that a 16-year-old girl and two women aged 26 and 53 were arrested for suspected money laundering activities. For quite a long time, the police’s anti-terror squad was looking for them. After a well-organized raid and accurate information, the police finally raided the police in many parts of Britain and on Tuesday three suspects were detained from two separate places in West London.

On the basis of the inputs received from these terrorists, the police are still looking for similar sleeper cells and continuous raids of the police are continuing for their arrest. The special thing is that one of the conspirators who formed such a long terrorist plot British Muslims who had accepted Islam sometime ago. On the target of these terrorists, there were various places in London including the trading center located at Oxford Street and the Madame Tussauds museum which attacked a large number of massacres.

Lewis Ludlow has admitted to the relationship with the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group in London’s Old Bailey Court and preparing to enter the van in important institutions in the British capital. This note was later recovered by the anti-terrorism authorities in a turbid condition. He chose Oxford Street as the “right target” and wrote, “Hopefully in the attack, about 100 people die.” 

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