Sardar is making a victim of misunderstanding by the acts of extremists.

Attacking the Sikh in America, said – “Lade”This is the biggest proof of someone and someone who is filled.

Someone and somebody can hardly find another example better than this, when the activities of the extremists are being misused in the mischief of those who do not have to take any of those disputes. Even before this, there were attacks on the chieftains several times after the indignation of extremist attacks in America. Once again, a Sikh was a victim of the same kind of misunderstanding, which had nothing to do with these incidents.

It is known that in the US state of California, in a misunderstanding by two Americans, a 50-year-old leader has been assaulted and beaten by slaying them with filthy filthy lanes that said, ‘There is no need for you here. Go back to your country. ‘ . After going to the police of this matter, senior officers of the police have taken the matter to the notice and are investigating the entire case from the angle of Heat Crown

In this sad attack, according to the injured Sardar Mr. Inderjit Singh ji – “The attackers attacked them badly, and said, you are terrorists.Osama bin Laden, we did not call you in your country, so you should return US News Agency The Sacramento B told the police that the incident took place on Keayes and Fute Road crossings in California last week.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Cristianson, who knew this, said that “it is a disgraceful crime against a member of the Sikh community.” Sheriff Sergeant Tom Lautras told that the 50-year-old victim was trying to propagate a local candidate, only then two white men beat him. In the past few years, there has been a rise in hate crimes against the Sikh community in California, which has mostly been suspected to be extremists. In this state there is a large population of Sikhs. 

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