Big Diplomatic Win for INDIA ! 55-Asia Pacific Countries supports for India’s bid for non-permanent UNSC seat.

In a big diplomatic win for India as many as 55 countries of the Asia-Pacific group at the United Nations have supported India’s bid for a non-permanent seat at the Security Council for a two-year term between 2021-2022.

India has been a non-permanent member of  UN Security Council for seven times in the past several decades. India made its bid for membership at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meet held in Kyrgyzstan earlier this month.

India was a non-permanent membership at the UNSC  in 2011 and 2012 after it secured 187 of 190 valid votes at the United Nations General Assembly. This time also seeing the support of the countries, India may easily get the seat.

India has long been asking for the expansion of UNSC’s permanent as well as non-permanent membership, but China always rejects the proposal. The UNSC has five permanent members – the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China and France, apart from ten non-permanent members for two-year terms. But seeing the rising influence of India, it may get a permanent seat soon.

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