Who will run your Facebook account? Whose original title would you have on your Facebook account?What will happen to the Facebook account in which its owner is dead …

If you run Facebook, then you too would have wondered what will happen to your Facebook account after you die? Who will run your Facebook account? Whose original title would you have on your Facebook account? Now a historic decision has been taken about this. 
Let us tell you that the German Supreme Court has passed a historic judgment regarding the deceased Facebook account, in which the court ordered the Facebook company in its decision to allow the deceased’s daughter to log in to the account to give her mother . However, for this the mother had to struggle a long struggle. But this decision has been made clear that if a minor Facebook account holder is killed, then the parent can get the succession of his account. 
Tell you that German parents were demanding permission to log in to their Facebook account after the death of their daughter. But Facebook refused to allow it. In such a situation the parents resorted to the court. Parents had said that their daughter died in suspicious condition in 2012. They are trying to find answers to some questions related to this death through Facebook account. 
But Facebook did not allow the login of the account by referring to its privacy policy. The High Court of Berlin also gave parents and Facebook an opportunity to compromise outside the court, but this could not happen. Explain that the girl girl was killed 5 years ago when she was in front of a train at a sub-station station in Berlin. But till now it has not been clear whether it was an accident or a suicide. 
Now the question in front of the court was that digital accounts should be kept under the purview of analog assets. Although a permanent court in Berlin ruled in favor of parents in 2015, which Facebook challenged in the High Court. 
While confirming the verdict, a permanent court of Berlin had argued that if analogy and digital assets are not adopted in the same way, this contradiction will arise that letters, diaries, content are free, but not email and Facebook. The court had said that there is no violation of private authority on the daughter’s personal property, because she has every right to know what her minor children are doing online. 
The High Court has also given the verdict in favor of the parents only. Parents will now be able to access their dead daughter’s Facebook account. This decision is being historic, because it is because this makes it clear that after the death, what will be your Facebook account? After your casual death your Facebook account will be handed over to your parents. 

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