Now INDIA an Ally like NATO to US ! Senate passes law to bring India at par with NATO allies.

Good news for India! Now India is on a par with America’s NATO allies Japan, Australia and South Korea, after US Senate passed the  bill. This will increase defence partnership including advanced technology between US and India.

Senator John Cornyn with the support of Senate India Caucus Co-Chair Senator Mark Warner introduced the bill in the senate, the legislation provides for increased US-India defence cooperation in the Indian Ocean in the areas of humanitarian assistance, counterterrorism, counter-piracy and maritime security.

What this bill means for India? Now India will be treated as per the NATO Allies, the cooperation in the field of defence will be increased. US will now share its top notch defence technology with India, the partnership in the field of development of new defence hardware will be increased.

Now as the bill is beneficial for India and talking India to USA side, but some experts say that these increasing closeness with the USA will affect the INDIA-RUSSIA friendship. A long BFF status will shift from RUSSIA to USA, which may be bad for INDIA.

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