“Six big officers of Myanmar army meeting and ordered, do not survive Rohingya alive”

“Six big officers of Myanmar army meeting and ordered, do not survive Rohingya alive” – United Nations Another report emerging from which the case of Rohingya terrorists emerged.

Once again, all of them have come out that had been in the dust for some days. Problem of Rohingya has gone from Myanmar to the problem of entire South Asia, and the pressure of the United Nations is to not only tolerate it for the affected countries, but to keep them away from their country and their common people and the integrity of their country. Myanmar Army is fighting against the United States

It is known that all the crimes of the Rohingya terrorists, the murder While ignoring terrorist incidents, human rights had released its report in favor of the murderers of the Buddhists and now a report from the United Nations says that the genocide of Myanmar’s Province and the rest of the region and crimes against humanity In the case of the role of the big military officers of the country should be investigated.

This newly released report is being seen as the United Nations’s strongest condemnation for violence in Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, as well as an indirect message to those countries who are seeking to get rid of the problem of Rohingya .. In these affected countries India is also where millions of Rohingya have formed infiltrations and now they have also been involved in crimes

This report of the United Nations states that in view of the real threat of security, it can be said that the army has adopted constant discrimination strategies. The report has named six senior officials of the Myanmar army and said that they should be prosecuted. Myanmar’s current leader Aung San Suu Kyi has also been criticized by the Malala statement and in the same opinion similar to the opposition of all the Islamic countries, it has been said that she was not able to stop the continued violence in the country.

Not only this, it has also been advised to send the case to International Criminal Court (ICC). Although the Myanmar government seems to be standing fully with its troops and the Myanmar government has been defending itself from the very beginning saying that the target of the operation of the army was illegal intruders and extremists, not civilians. 

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