hen blood-fed France Knock the knife to mother and daughter The British media claim

Then blood-fed France Knock the knife to mother and daughter The British media claim – “The attacker had shouted ‘Alla Hu Akbar’. ISIS said- “Our man was”

Once again it has spread throughout France.

France, which is once regarded as one of the world’s finest beauties and tourists by constant terrorist attacks, is now slowly becoming a dangerous place.

Where ever the truck attack, sometimes a bomb blast, and sometimes a knife, the general public, the foreign tourists who are coming away, are beginning to live in fear. Overall, it would not be wrong to say that France has begun to lose its image for which he was famous all over the world. This is the same French that had once opened up its borders due to the war in Syria and Iraq, so many people took shelter in it, and many of them later showed their very ugly form.

It is known that once again the sensation was spread in France when its bloody capital Paris. It is known that the French capital Paris is the news of the Knife Attack. According to the New Agency AFP and Guardian News, another person, along with mother daughter, has also died in this attack and two other people have been badly injured.

According to information provided by French TV channel BFM-TV, an individual with weapons, attacked the people passing through the knife. This event has happened in Traps of Western Paris. This channel has been told that the police has killed the attacker. The activism of the police is also worthy of praise here because according to the transparency, the intent of the attacker was to kill many people

After this attack, ISIS has claimed that the attacker was his only man, whose inquiries etc. did not give any information about the attack on the side of the police in the beginning. The police had just tweeted that an operation was being run on the side of the police in the security of Trapses. According to information provided by the TV channel, the attacker took shelter in a house before attacking people.

Assuming the claim of British media and some of the protesters, the attacker attacked Alamah-Hu-Akbar with the people crying. He was in a corridor and was shouting that if people tried to enter here, then he would blow everyone down in the blast. After this attack, high alert has been issued throughout Europe and so many people are sympathetic. 

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