Russia again killed in rainy season .. More than 30 dead bodies

Even before this, human rights and the United Nations tried to put pressure on Russia, but with its anti-terror campaign, he had refused to leave even a bit and continued his campaign. However, in this war many civilians were also killed in the occupation of rebels and ISIS. Once again, Russia has shown the form of rowdy form and has killed 30 people and many people are being told that there are many civilians .

It is understood that after the release of a large area of Syria from terrorists and opponents, Russia has now jointly with its joint forces with Syria to target Northern Syria. This time, after a very long silence, when the rebels had become somewhat relieved, suddenly a huge bombardment occurred on them, in which according to one figure, 30 ordinary people have been killed and many others have also been badly wounded.

In the air strikes, a city occupied by insurgents in the north-west of Syria, the insurgents occupied by insurgents and its neighboring province Aleppo was targeted. A large area of Idlib is still in the hands of the rebels, and President Bashar al-Assad has warned that now it is his next goal to liberate the region from the rebels

According to the Syria Observatory for Human Rights, heavy firing took place in south-west of the province on Thursday and heavy bombing was done on its second day. 

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