India was calling upon the sick Pakistanis to have a visa but when an Indian businessman’s health was spoiled, it was Pakistan’s reply in Lahore.

Recently, the Indian Foreign Minister, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, did not have the visa to allow many Pakistani patients to be treated in India and, as far as possible, could be helped. Any one of them should come to India after treatment had done

The secular society of India and all the human rights of the world have favored Sushma Swaraj’s declaration of this step as a great and secular step. Due to this kindness, Sushma Swaraj had made a better image of the world, especially in the Islamic world. But suddenly, his tolerance was met with a radical response when India’s Vipin’s health deteriorated in a plane and the plane had to land an emergency landing at the airport of Lahore.

Seeing the condition of Vipin, it seemed as if he could not get medical treatment as soon as possible, then nothing was possible. The help sought from the Pakistani authorities also failed. Forgetting all the favors of India at that time, Pakistanis once again acted as a disgrace to humanity. He refused to give treatment to an Indian patient Vipan here.

Indeed, the health of the Indian youth traveling on a Turkish Airlines plane suddenly got worse.

As a result, the flight had to land emergency landing at Lahore Airport. According to the news, Pakistan refused to provide treatment to him and admitted to the hospital. About seven hours later, when the plane reached Delhi, the youth could get treatment. The co-traveler has tweeted the complaint to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Foreign Minister. Indeed, this young man named Vipin, who fell ill in this aircraft of Turkish Airlines, works in a guru’s insurance company. He is a Selsie manager.

His company sent 70-80 workers to Turkey on a three-day tourism tour. In this, Vipin and his companion Pankaj Mehta also went. 

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