Pakistani actors, the biggest supporters of Indian Bollywood actors’ film in Pakistan

This phenomenon has proved that all the so-called theories and indispensable rules of secularism continue to thrive as soon as they go beyond India’s boundaries. These were the artists who were strong supporter of bringing Pakistani artists to India and showing their films etc.

But after all, he had to bear the orders of Pakistan, even after which he hopes that he will not change his thoughts at all. Pakistan has banned the country’s film starring Rishi Kapoor and Tapasi Pannu. This was considered to be one of the greatest avatars of India in this year of 2018, due to the ban in Pakistan, so-called Bollywood’s so-called stars are quite sad.

Although Pakistan is trying to give a message after this ban, it seems that there is nothing more than Islam and Pakistan here. No sports nor any kind of entertainment … although it has been widely publicized and circulated by the secular lobby in India, in which sometimes films become bigger than the country’s prestige.

This movie has been banned one day before the release of Pakistan’s Federal Censor Board. It is worth mentioning that the movie is being released today.After film banning, Deepak Mukut, the producer of the film, expressed his displeasure and said that this is a very disappointing decision, our film tells the story of favoritism among the people. In an appeal to the Pakistani censor board, he has said that “I appeal to the Pakistani censor board to reconsider its decision.”

They will realize that bias should be avoided for human civilization throughout the world. It is worth mentioning that Anubhav Sinha’s much-awaited film ‘Mulq’ is the story of a person who is accused of sedition because he is a Muslim. 

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