The world asked the Myanmar army – “Will the returning Rohingya be guaranteed”? Listen to what Myanmar answered

Myanmar army and once again aggressive form of the government there have been introduced for Rohingya invaders of Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar.
In response to a question from the United Nations, the Myanmar government has made it clear that Rohingya refugees returning to Myanmar will not have any clear guarantee of independence of citizenship or nationwide movement.
There is a secret agreement between the Myanmar government and the United Nations, which has come to the fore. The United Nations had concluded this agreement with Myanmar at the end of May but did not make public the details of this transaction.
The objective was to ensure the safe and voluntary return of many millions of Rohingya Muslims who took refuge in Bangladesh. Reuters reviewed the copy of the MoU between the United Nations and Myanmar officials on Friday. Draft online is also leaked.
Citizenship and rights of refugees returning to Myanmar were the main issues of the dispute during the negotiations. In August last year there was talk of restoring access to restricted United Nations agencies to reach the conflict-affected Rakhine province. 
According to the MoU, “In accordance with the existing laws and regulations, those who return to the Provincial Provinces will be given the freedom of the same movement which all other Myanmar citizens have.”
According to the copy seen by Reuters, this protector does not guarantee freedom of movement beyond the boundaries of the province or, according to laws and regulations, prevents Rohingya from traveling freely.
Refugee leaders and human rights groups say that this agreement completely fails to ensure basic rights for Rohingyas.
About 700,000 Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar during the army campaign, which some Westerners gave ‘tribal massacre’.
On this, the Myanmar government says that it will not allow Myanmar to unite with unity and division and will crush all the evil forces doing so.
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