The government of Myanmar, fought for the United Nations for its troops Tough proceedings on Major Gogoi in India

The government of Myanmar, fought for the United Nations for its troops Tough proceedings on Major Gogoi in India, and inspector Shailendra was hanged for 3 years United Nations report on the army of Myanmar against Myanmar.

The first picture is from Myanmar, here the United Nations has repeatedly issued a report saying that Myanmar’s army has done the massacre of Rohingya, but the Government of Myanmar is unmoved by not accepting one thing, and on the other times The bar is giving the message to the United Nations that its soldiers are innocent and those whom they killed were his characters.

The Government of Myanmar has clearly said that its army has killed only those who had taken a terrorist form against the people of Myanmar and had started all those activities for which according to Myanmar law death was the proper punishment. Prior to this, the human rights group, Red Cross, Amnesty and the Islamic country’s group had pressured the Myanmar government to stop its army.

With them themselves, the highest Pope of Christianity had gone to the Bangladeshi camp, in which fighting of Myanmar’s army and afterwards defeated all the Rohingya ran. Then the same pope had asked the Christians to help Rohingya. But all these pressures had no effect on Myanmar’s government and the army there and he continued to suppress the enemies of his country.

In this, An Sang Suu Kyi’s roll was the highest. They were awarded Noble prizes by the international fraternity but they did not even get a chance to do it and work together with the army, which was right for their country. They have a slight opposite picture in India. While fighting for saving his life in Allahabad’s court on one side, Sub Inspector Shailendra Singh, Uttar Pradesh Police, who allegedly shot Nabi Ahmed, has been imprisoning for 3 years,

Major Aditya’s father, who shot his battalion to save his battalion from terrible rocking, is turning round to the Supreme Court to protect his son, and now one of the most famous military officers in Kashmir, Maj Litul Gogoi Even strict action has been announced, in which the court martial is being told as far as possible.

In addition, on the notice of the Human Rights Commission, a probe has been initiated on the issue of 19 ill-fated criminals, including Mohammed and Mukim Kala, who were killed in a encounter with the Uttar Pradesh Police in a face-to-face encounter, which is going to be a job for the police personnel at the slightest mistake. . In addition, many jawans are facing all the notices in front of the Maoists in Sukma forests. It needs to understand and think otherwise otherwise the morale of the uniform will affect the morale of the country.

* The above thoughts are the author’s independent views. Author – Rahul Pandey Assistant Editor – Sudarshan News Mo – 9598805228 

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