The United States, Russia, Israel after France now opened its hands

The United States, Russia, Israel after France now opened its hands … Most Wanted Destroyed Islamic terrorist Mohammed Ag Alamouner For the end of the world’s united Islamic terrorism.

By showing mercy and compassion in your country, giving refuge to many Syrian and Iraqite people, repeatedly looting their soldiers and civilians in their own attack, France has now made an aggressive attack against Islamic terrorism and all of them To destroy one and the other, they were coming away to hide their country from far away. In the same sequence, the number is now marked by a notorious terrorist of the Zihar group, which was not only the most wanted for France, but also on radar countries like Russia and America.

It was also considered to be a bridge between ISIS and Europe, which was broken by France. Be aware that the fighter fighters on the exact notice of the hideout of the infamous terrorist immediately fluttered and fiercely bombarded the locus. Although there were some people living there who were not terrorists, but the first priority for France was to kill those evil terrorists and give them the complete execution from France.

After the end of this militant Europe has taken a long breath of peace. A top Jihadi leader of the Greater Sahara group, one of his colleagues and two civilian civilians have been killed in the air strikes carried out by France in the North East Mali. The military command center in Paris gave the above information. In a statement issued by the military command, Menaka has been told about an air strike Sunday.

According to the statement, “Commandos deployed on the ground after the airstrike has confirmed the death of Mohammed Ag Alamouner and one of his bodyguards.” According to the statement, another member of the jihadi group and two other civilians were also injured in the attacks, according to the statement. In his statement, the command has expressed his sorrow over civilian casualties. The command is investigating how it has finally come to the heart of civilian civilian attacks. 

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