A thunderstorm that struck the Haj tour .. Men and women had to run away to save lives.

Several Muslims have gone to every corner of the world for the Haj pilgrimage at this time in the heart of the Muslims of the world, in Saudi Arabia. In this Haj pilgrimage, there has also been a large gathering of Muslims from India, for which the Indian government has made all the arrangements. The Saudi government also has arranged all the arrangements to prevent the Muslims from going there.

It may be known that heavy dust storms in large areas of the areas occupied by Haj pilgrims on Sunday evening caused fierce battles with some camps of Zone 4 area of Meena and men and women of the area started fleeing there. It should be known that the Muslim Haj As the most important day of Arafat admits. On this day, the Muslims traveling in the Haj travel spend their days in Arafat for prayer, around the mountain.

It is being reported that the reports reaching here said that the disturbance of the wind was necessary to restore the hired pilgrims who were tentatively lodged in Mina soon. Haj pilgrims were waiting for their green signal to start their journey in their camps at Mina. Suddenly there was a lot of dust coming from the dust storm and the temperature also started falling

With this, the Haj pilgrims had to withstand food etc. and the atmosphere was so busy that men and women had to flee for cover and they had to get out of the storm before starting their regular activities. 

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