Then showcasing India’s growing power in the world … Iran bent ahead of India on Iran issue

India’s growing power in the world once again seen the world when the US on the Iran dispute bent in front of India. The US has given exemption from India with all the restrictions imposed on Iran. The United States announced on Tuesday that the restrictions imposed on eight countries including India have been temporarily removed, in which India is the chief. The US says that it has given India this exemplary strategic visionary Chabahar port and the construction of a railway line connecting it to Afghanistan.

Let us state that these restrictions were imposed on the trade of Iran with Iran. The restrictions imposed on the banking and petroleum sectors of the US government have been implemented since the beginning of November. The United States has said about this decision, that the decision has been taken to reduce oil prices and save the falling market, but there is another reason for this, and it is Chabahar port. This port is a major project to strengthen Afghanistan’s economic condition and to protect the public from terrorism and violence.

At the same time, this port is also required in the Afghan policy of the US and long-term strategic need in Asia. A US State Department spokesman said, “Exemptions in sanctions have been given so that Chabahar port can be developed. The railways could also be constructed, allowing the goods to be delivered to Afghanistan. Import of Iranian petroleum products from Afghanistan was also being freed from sanctions’. .

This trump administration verdict shows that America recognizes the role of India in this port being developed in the Gulf of Oman. It can be understood in such a way that the Trump Administration is one of the most stringent Banned and then granted a discount to India. It is extremely important in strategic terms for Afghanistan’s development of port warfare.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that after deep consideration, the External Affairs Minister has made a provision for exemption from some restrictions imposed under the 2012 Iran Freedom and Prohibition Act, which is the development of Chabahar port, construction of a railway line connected with it and The use of Afghanistan through the port is related to the shipping of goods kept separately from the ban. At the same time, it is also associated with the continuous import of Iran’s petroleum products.

The US official said, “In view of the close relations between our two countries, this pressure has been left in the policy. This decision has also been taken so that the unstable policies of the Iranian rule can be changed.” Without the help of Pakistan, with the help of Pakistan directly connecting with Afghanistan and with the view of maritime security, the Chabahar port project is very important for India diplomatically.

Due to US sanctions, India had a shock from Iran in this project and Iran’s friendship with China was increasing. China also does not want the Chabahar project to take advantage of India. Since China has rejected the US ban on Iran and it is Iran’s largest oil importer country. In such a situation, China could shock India through the Chabahar project, but now it can not happen.

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