America became aggressive Pauses one penny going to the Palestinians Eyes were seen, so many countries backwards hand .

The world’s largest superpower, while strengthening its relations with Israel, banned international aid given to Palestine, famous for rocketing and terrorist incidents, the rest of the country is not able to venture to protest. Be aware that after becoming Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem, the US has now taken the place to protect it from stones and terrorist incidents. Another major step.

United Nations Relief and Work Agency confirmed on Wednesday for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) that the United States will not pay any money to the Palestinian refugee agency UNWWA.

Some funding agencies are being replaced by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Turkey. On Tuesday, the media citing sources said that the administration of US President Donald Trump had decided to end his financial support for the UNWWA

The agency’s $ 1.2 billion annual budget was $ 350 million per year. UNRWA spokeswoman Christopher Gunnes said, “We have been given to understand that for this year, we should not expect any US funding for this year and we will have zero US finance in our plan assumptions for the next year. Nutrition has been created. “

He said that with the closure of US financing 5.4 million hunger and education has been denied in the Middle East, the US State Department announced that this year has been reduced from $ 125 million planned for the UNWWA to 65 million dollars. Trump said that the Palestinians had felt the lack of desire to negotiate with Israel and despite the financial assistance the United States had no respect. 

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