Syria is slowly becoming the Shiite country. Fear of the Russian army, the occupation of the Shi’a occupies the lands of Sunni

the Russian-backed ruler of Assad is moving forward to recapture mostly Sunni rebel areas in the north and south-west of Syria

A war that is changing rapidly has shaken social structure with the picture of the whole world and geography. People who see two super powers fighting domination are not surviving because they are either victims of America or Russia’s bullet. The survivors have come to the target of Israel, Iran or Turkey. In total, the country of the corpses is changing rapidly in Syria, social structure. 
In this country, Christians and Shias are gradually being occupied, because in Sunnis, mostly because of being a supporter of ISIS, terrorists are seen. It is worth noting that in this assertion of the United States and Russia, so far five million people have been killed in Syria, mostly Sunni Muslims. Those who survived the demonstration of the power of the US and Russian forces, take refuge in foreign countries. 
The United Nations Refugee Committee itself says that due to this horrible war, so far, 320,000 people have been displaced due to the increase in violence in Southwestern Syria, while 7,50,000 other people are at risk of being victim of violence. Most people in the social structure of Syria are Sunni Arab Muslims. 
At this time, the Russian-backed ruler of Assad is moving forward to recapture mostly Sunni rebel areas in the north and south-west of Syria, they can be further worn. 
Meanwhile, the State of Assad is becoming more communal in the form of Alouit (their sect), Shia and Christian minority have started taking away the property left by Sunni runners. For this, Shi’a Muslim’s patience will also be considered as Sunni Muslims have mostly caught the path of crime and terrorism, which led them to the target of the Syrian government, and has now come to the target of superpower like the US and Russia. ..
Because of this, he had to live a nomadic life and now he has to leave his country and run away. However, wherever he is in asylum and in the country, he is doing exactly what he used to do in Syria. The flood of terrorist incidents has come in Europe. Over 80 percent of Syria’s Muslims, 10 to 20 percent of the Sunni Muslims dominate Shi’a Muslims, and even the higher officials are mostly Shia, because they taught instead of terror and wrote attention to making themselves more so. 

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