40 lakhs Bangladeshi are in shaded in Assam

.. What will happen to the whole country?

Indian and Bangladeshi counting start in AssamJust think that the country where the number of outsiders intruders began to take a percentage of their country, still in that country, there are some intellectuals going around the court to allow the entry of the outside elements. Yes. The consequences of the so-called secularism are now being seen when the Bangladesh Rally is not only going to increase the incidents of criminal incidents, but an entire country’s population is being imbalanced with one state. 
It is known that the results in the census conducted in Assam are shocking to anyone and are alerting the country of danger. has gone. According to the Registrar General, 3.29 crore people applied, in which 2.8 million valid citizens have been found, while 40 lakh people have been out of citizenship. This draft has been published online at 10 in the morning including all NRC service centers (NSK) in the state. 
In view of the audacity of the Bangladeshi and their supporters, strict security has been arranged in the adjacent states along with the entire state and not only the police but also the paramilitary forces have been kept on high alert. “In the last NRC, even if no one is named, the way of the Tribunal will be open.” 
He said, “The process of NRC has been done completely with fairness and will be completed with full transparency and fairness.The whole process is done under the supervision of the Honorable Supreme Court .. Near Assam and surrounding states 22 thousand paramilitary forces have been deployed. Same is the only state in the country where there is a system for such citizenship register. 

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