From the clutches of the house, all the cases of bus and seat of the bus were added to the cow protection. Jammu Police exposed Farebi Hameed

Gradually the curtains are rising and it has also emerged that who is the performer of all these matters .. Even their personal affairs have also started to be associated with cow protection from which the Hindu society and the target are those who Never was the false pretense of intolerance. 
A case which was exposed by the awareness of Jammu Police, even after being old, a person was fond of spreading hatred in the society and he has added another case as a matter of cow protection and making the case sensational by showing himself suffering It is known that after the campaign to glorify the cow killer, the way the alleged witnesses in Alwar of Rajasthan, a youth named Raqbar After that he was beaten to death and after that his personal affairs started to be linked with cow protection 
In the same sequence, 60-year-old Hamid Sheikh, in Magarkot, Ramban district of Jammu, added his personal fights also to the Gaon Rakshaks and gave a complete thought-provoking conspiracy. 
However, the police immediately caught this lie and told that the matter is not linked to cow protection or mobs lining etc. Then the truth of this matter came out, otherwise the so-called secular society and self-made intellectuals would also give a lesson to this matter. Were sitting ready for. 
The injured Hameed Sheikh was admitted to the hospital in a mutiny. It has been discharged after the primary treatment. It is being said that the condition of Hameed is now okay. At the same time, the local police arrested three people in this case. RABBAN SSP Mohan Lal says that the police is investigating the cause of the incident. The Jammu and Kashmir Police spokesman said this incident as an incident of mutual violence and said that it is not right to see the matter linked to cow protection. On behalf of the police, the common man was asked to stay away from the rumors. 
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