“If you can not afford your abba car, then you are just worth a job, thirst is extinguished to my whole house”

Your father has not given me a car, so there is no significance in my life. Now you come with two lakh rupees or a car or you become a toy so that all the family members of my family can play with you. But if she could not afford two lakh rupees and car with the maiden of that woman, then she broke it on her and devastated her life 
Due to not getting the car, the woman’s father-in-law raped her, then her nandoi raped her and said that there are still more people left. But when the woman asked her to stop all this from her, her husband gave three divorces and drove her out of the house.Mamal is from Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. The daughter of Meerut’s Kharkhoda area was married to Rizwan from Pilkhuka, Hapur, on October 4, 2015. 
Due to getting a bike instead of a car at the wedding, Rizwan was upset after the marriage. He started harassing his wife for bringing a car and a cash of Rs 2 lakh in his dowry from his maternal uncle. A year later, the woman gave birth to a daughter, and her husband-in-law did a lot of rage. But the demand for car and cash dowry remained. 
On July 12, Rizwan went to Gurgaam for work. The victim has alleged that during this time, her father-in-law Muhammad had raped her forcibly in the house room. On July 14, her mother-in-law called her daughter’s husband and called him in the room. When Nandie started forcibly with her, he also added her hand and also said that she is pregnant for 3 months, but she did not accept it. He also raped the victim. 
On July 17, the victim’s husband came back, the victim was hungry and thirsty in her room. When the victim told Rizwan that the father-in-law and Nandyi act, the husband beat him fiercely and threw his throat with the intention of killing him. After this, after provoking his mother-in-law, Rizwan gave him three divorces and set him in the car and forcibly left his pocket along with his daughter. 
The victim reached Kharkhand police station along with her family and lodged a case against her in-laws including her father-in-law and Nandoi, including her husband. SSP Rajesh Kumar Pandey said that the police team has been sent in search of the accused. Soon the accused will be put in the jail. 

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