Justice for the first time in the world and for a goat being sought in the world .First time victim came to top on Twitter #JusticeForGoat

The voice of justice raised against a rapist.

This is not only India, but also the first example of the world when the general public has decided to give justice to a goat and has also played a trendsetter for him who has been on top of Twitter at this time. A pregnant goat, hunted by a harpoon named Haroon, was raped until Ve died. In this case when the so-called secular society adopted the rules of secularism, while maintaining silence as Haroon’s name came, then the general public took charge and initiated the trend called #JusticeForGoat, which is currently at the top.   
Many people who roamed on the incidents of mobs lynching etc. have also gone from Dubai. Even though the society is disturbed by this misdeed, but the rape of the arrested rapists There is no wrinkle on the face even in the face, and everyone looks very happy even in the custody of the police and shamelessly flirted.
Among those who demand justice for the rape victim goat, many celebrities are also included. The film actor Koina Mitra has warned them by putting photographs of goats and keeping them alert. 

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