Dictatorship sought in the name of Dawood Ibrahim as well as the party’s MLA who raised voice against the human rights of the criminals killed in the encounter and police.

In the name of Dawood Ibrahim, he was asked for the name of Dawood Ibrahim, for the Bahujan Samaj Party MLA who surrounded all the issues of Modi and Yogi Sarkar, who had raised voice in favor of the ill-fated criminals being killed in the encounter. Ransom and not threatened to kill them directly.

With this phone call, MLAs of Bahujan Samaj Party have become very upset and have complained directly to the police. This is the party which in many cases raised the question of the bravery of Uttar Pradesh that the police had proved by sweating, blood and sacrifice.

It is known that in Uttar Pradesh, on the one hand where after the Yogi government came, where criminals were killed in one encounter after the other, the Congress, along with the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Samajwadi Party, also accused many of the fake encounters against the police and the government. The time has raised the controversy and put the police in the dock.

The misery that is going on in the way of the lawmakers trying to bring the law and order in the way of the day is increasing. This is a sadness. This has led to the introduction of threats to the legislators. The MLA who had raised the perpetrators of human rights for criminals If the MLA checked the number sending the message on the mobile phone, then the name of Dawood Ibrahim on it. After this the legislator contacted the police officers. Then lodged an FIR in Gomti Nagar Kotwali.

Inspector D.P. Tiwari said that a case has been filed for demanding dancer in this regard. The whole matter is being investigated. The manner in which there is no religion of terror, in the same way, crime and criminal are also not of anybody; It proved at a time when MLA Umashankar Singh, from Rasra assembly constituency in Balia district of Uttar Pradesh, threatened phone, demanded one crore rupees. is. Its report has been lodged in Gomti Nagar police station.

According to the police, BSP MLA Uma Shankar Singh was threatened on phone by Rasra assembly seat in Ballia, then the demand for one crore rupees from the phone and email was sought. The one who has asked for darshan has described himself as Dawood Ibrahim. David’s photograph was also posted on his email. The MLA has lodged an FIR in Gomti Nagar police station.

Legislator Umashankar said in Tahrir, “On August 6, a message came on his mobile, in which he was asked to check the e-mail. He did not pay much attention to this message. Again, again on August 8 the message came. There was a threat to kill him if he did not give one crore rupees. 

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