For the sake of the terrorists, human rights were going on … the soldiers who were killed there came to bury their son Human rights contractor became silent on the killing of the soldier … Recently, a few photographs of the Indian Army dragged the bodies of the terrorists killed during an operation had surfaced, on which the so-called human rights activists screamed and were questioning the army.

On one hand, where human rights were being targeted by the terrorists and targeting the army, the parties like Congress, PDP and NC also criticized the army saying that dragging the body of the terrorists is a violation of human rights. These humanitarians and politicians, who screamed at the death of the terrorists, became silent at the time when militants shot and killed the tribal soldiers in Kulgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. The young man had gone home for his funeral a few days ago after the death of his son in a road accident.

A police official said that the militants of the Territorial Army jawans entered the house of Mukhtar Ahmad Malik in Shurat of Kulgam district and they shot them near nearby. The official said that Malik died on the spot only. He said that Lance Naik Malik was on leave to attend his son’s funeral. Police said that Malik was a rebel before joining the regional army. Suspected terrorists had entered the house as a reporter.

Malik’s relatives said that suspected terrorists came in the form of reporters and said they want to meet Malik. The relative said, ‘They (terrorists) went inside the room, where people were sitting in mourning. They saw him and shot him and then he got out. ‘ While releasing the statement, the army said, “He (Lance Naik Mukhtar Ahmad, who has been killed by terrorists) was on leave in Kulgam on his son’s untimely death a few days ago.

And went to participate in the funeral of his son. We stand by solidarity with the family of martyrs and ensure complete support in this hour of distress and in the future. ‘ According to local residents of Shurat village, Malik’s son had been seriously injured in a road accident in Kulgam a few days ago, whose teenage death had died earlier. The villagers say that Mukhtar, who came to attend his son’s funeral, was shot dead by the terrorists, which led to his death. 

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