The court imposed the seal on the demand of nationalists.

The court imposed the seal on the demand of nationalists.Mandsaur’s innocent rapist Asif and Irfan will swing till death on hanging

Every nationalist had raised the demand for justice in this rape.

This voice was raised by Sudarshan News at that time when the so-called secular society was silent and in the case some names were seen as culprits,, who, according to them, did not fit in the rules of secularism fabricated by their own.

But ultimately the voice of the public went up to the court and all the evidence and witnesses were also seen which are necessary according to the law. After all, the decision came in which everyone was waiting. It is known that the most shocking of the Indian who shook India was Mandsaur In the case of gang rape of a seven-year-old girl, the court has convicted both the accused under the Rap and Poxo Act. After this, as soon as the court gave death to both of them, a wave of happiness spread among the people and everyone said that this was what they wanted

At the moment, the two have been sentenced to death by the court. In the court of Judge Nisha Gupta, both the accused were presented. Since this incident of rape, the anger of the people had broken in the country and people protested at the place of place and had also pleaded for justice. In this case, the Madhya Pradesh Police is also eligible to be appreciated, who submitted all the evidence which was necessary for the execution of these mischief.

Both the accused were penalized in the Mandsaur Rape Scandal, along with life imprisonment and other services. After kidnapping a seven-year-old girl from Malsar School in Mandsaur, the youths named Asif and Irfan had executed the girl child rape. At the same time, after death, the child was fighting in the hospital for many days from life and death.

After the whole incident came to light, the anger of the people was fierce. Districts of Malwa including Nimach, Mandsaur were closed. The police had arrested the accused within two days of the incident and introduced the challan only after the child’s statement was made. 

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