False press card holders and counterfeit journalists are in the fray. Prepared to governance and administrative level

Regarding the fall of journalism and the entry of anti-social elements in the journalism world, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, concerned by the registration of newspapers, newspapers / magazines and TV channels and news agency Preparations for the press card are being prepared
according to the information, increasing awareness of the readers has increased due to the increasing number of news stories and journalists growing across the country. At the same time some such faces have also knocked the journalism world, due to which journalistic questions have started getting started. Educational qualification mandatory in journalism sector 
Let us know that after the registration of the newspaper, the publishers and the publishers publish a couple marks by issuing press cards to countless people who have nothing to do with journalism. Thanks to such faces, there is definitely the fingers in journalism. In every village, some so-called journalists or news owners have issued a press card with money from some people who collect money on the police and toltex naco.
Real journalists are also troubled by so-called journalists. Police, administration and Toltex can not distinguish between fake nails. Now after the implementation of this rule, the so-called fake journalists will be able to inquire the police administration and reach those donors who have issued money and issued prescription cards. The Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry is going to mandate the degree of academic qualification of the applicant for the registration of the newspaper, journalism. 
The publication of the press card and press sticker by the District Information and Public Relations Department, after the police verification of the concerned District Magistrate for reporter of daily newspapers, news agencies and TV channels can be stopped by the Central Government. The process is being finalized. 
The press card of publisher and publisher of other newspapers, magazines will be issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Press card and press sticker issued by government machinery will be valid only. The publication of newspapers and periodicals by the Central Government can be stopped, who have not submitted their annual reports for the last three years. 
The criminal case will be registered on those who sell the press card … It is also discussed that in order to appoint a daily newspaper, news channel and news agency appointed from any region to appoint a representative, the district magistrate will have to apply, And will give approval after the receipt of the contact officer. The District Information and Contact Officer will show in their report that such daily newspapers, news channels and news agencies need a representative from this area. 
Due to the revised rules, the government machinery will be kept in view of procession cards and pressed vehicles. After getting the facts, the criminal case card will be recorded on the card holder, card issuer signature and owner of a pressed vehicle. Clearly, the implementation of this potential scheme of the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry will change the map of journalism. 
What does the police say? … we are troubled by the press card itself. How to know who is the right journalist and who is bogus as soon as the order comes, all the vehicles written by the press will be checked and any information of the Public Relations Department No case will be filed against him. 

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