PM Modi said: “The work of the BJP government is not in vain, nor does it wander …

Addressing the  Rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Rajasthan sits on us. Contextualization is gained in statehood. Rajasthan is working at a fast pace. Meanwhile, PM Modi also targeted predecessor governments.
The main things spoken by PM … I got an opportunity to lay the foundation of 2100 plans, Rajasthan is going on the path of development. -Rajasthan gets respect, recognition is seen in people’s eyes, brightness and looks .- Rajasthan are working with double strength.
There is an agenda of the BJP government … development, development, development.-The elderly are getting the benefit of the pilgrim scheme. I bow to the earth of women.-What was the condition of four years ago, you can guess. Only stones were planted in the name of the leaders. 
-The refinery is working on a fast pace-many years after crop bumpers were produced.-The government has increased the MSP to Rs.150.-5 crore people are freed from poverty.-Our work practices are appreciated. It is an effort to double the income of farmers.
There are more than two and a half million accounts open in the state- 80 lakh toilets have been constructed under the unfriendly Bharat Abhiyan.-There is no scheme in the state of Rajasthan. 
Up to 15 August, the people of Rajasthan will be benefited from the people.-40 percent of the state’s population will get clean drinking water. – Water conservation work is going on.- Smyert City facility will be available in 100 cities of the country.I fully believe that with the participation of all, the Government will get success.
Nowadays people have started talking to the Congress. The bullock cart is not the car, because many leaders of the Congress veterans and many veterans are on bail nowadays, I congratulate Rajasthan on the scheme which started today and end my address with this. 
Five million people have been released from the poor. PM recently came in a report. The BJP has taken a new path from the earlier way to fight poverty. The BJP has begun the new path. Not the bullock cart.Many leaders are on bail, therefore, many Congress leaders and many former ministers are on bail- The work that was being done today could have happened before. It is our inevitable decision to take the defense of the country and self-respect to the summit. 
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