I correct or wrong with the observers … prove this to Rahul Gandhi in open debate – Jayant Sinha

When Gaurkhan, who was made accused in the assassination of Gauhiters Aklimuddin in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh, came out of jail after receiving bail and Union Minister Jayant Sinha invited him to his residence and welcomed him. After this, all the political parties had criticized Jayant Sinha and had accused them that the Union Minister on Thursday challenged Congress President Rahul Gandhi for a direct debate on this issue. 
Jayant Sinha expressed regret over the entire matter through Twitter and said that if the Congress leader feels his conduct is not correct then he should debate in a decent manner in the matter. In the Modi government, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Sinha has written, “I invite Rahul Gandhi to direct debate. Rahul Gandhi comes before me and debate me on launching the Mob and prove me wrong. 
Jayant Sinha has written, “(Rahul) hide Gandhi behind his social media handles and let him out of hide-of-politics … ….” The Union minister wrote on Rahul’s remarks, Personal level is attacked. He has written, “He has condemned my education, values and humanity. I challenge him for a direct debate in the Hindi or English language on the Ramgarh massacre case. 
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