Shankar Charan Tripathi had sacrificed a lot for Lalu’s party … but what a word has said, Rahul Gandhi came on the streets

Shankar Charan Tripathi, who devoted his entire life to strengthen Laloo Prasad Yadav and his party. Laloo Yadav’s party felt the night before strengthening the Rashtriya Janata Dal. Whenever Laloo had any problems, Shankar Charan appeared with Lalu Yadav as Tripathi Shayya. Shankar Charan Tripathi has not even thought in this dream that the same party will throw him away from the milk as a fly and one day. 
Let us tell you that Rashtriya Janata Dal’s national spokesman Shankar Charan Tripathi has been expelled from the party for criticizing Rahul Gandhi. Shankar Charan Tripathi had criticized Rahul Gandhi in the Parliament after receiving the throat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and after his glance 
RJD spokesman Shankar Charan Tripathi had said that Rahul Gandhi has been a Member of Parliament for the last 15 years. After this, such a big leader like him can not be expected to wink in the House like this. Tripathi had said that there are many cameras in the house and there are people’s eyes. He also said that Rahul Gandhi’s act was childish and unexpected, even when he considered himself a prime ministerial candidate in 2019. 
RJD has not received criticism from Rahul Gandhi through his spokesperson and he has been expelled from the party. Perhaps it was the mistake of Shankar Charan Tripathi that he had criticized Rahul Gandhi on the issue on which the whole nation was criticizing Rahul. If Tripathi justified Rahul’s gaze, then he might not be expelled from RJD. 
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