In the Alwar case, the BJP became aggressive. Telling Rahul Gandhi’s politics as the vulture’s politics.

The country’s politics over the Alwar issue is hot and the whole opposition is an attacker on the Modi government about this incident. The way Alwar is being politics and Congress President Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP and the Modi government, the BJP has now become an attacker on Rahul Gandhi. The BJP says that Rahul Gandhi is doing a round of politics against the Alwar issue, which is not bothered by baking political roti on anyone’s corpse. 
It should be known that Congress President Rahul Gandhi had described the Alwar case as “the cruel New India of Mody.” On the telling of the cruel New India to the Rawalp Alliance, the BJP has made a big attack on the Congress president. While railway minister Piyush Goyal has described Rahul Gandhi as a dealer of hate, Smriti Irani has termed it as a vulture politics. Piyush Goyal tweeted, “Now there is a crime, do not wink in between for Harsh. It’s enough. You are the dealer of hate. 
They make every possible effort to divide society for electoral benefits. Clock shed tears. Simultaneously, Smriti Irani has also targeted Rahul Gandhi and described his statement as a vicious politics. He said, Rahul does not leave an opportunity to take advantage of electoral gains. Rahul’s politics is a vulture politics. Smriti tweeted ‘Rahul Gandhi’s family spread hatred of hatred in the country through 1984, Bhagalpur and many other riots. It is embarrassing that the Congress is adopting such policies now. 
Let me tell you that attacking Alwar lining, Rahul Gandhi targeted Modi. Rahul wrote in a tweet that when the hospital was only 6 km So why did the police take 3 hours for the rakabar to be taken there? Rahul tweeted, “In Alwar, the police personnel took three hours to take the injured Rakbar Khan (Akbar Khan) to the hospital six kilometers away, why? 
They also drink tea on the way. This is Modi’s cruel New India, where hatred has taken the place of humanity and people are being crushed and left to die. ” 
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