On the issue of Bangladeshi Mamata started in the party. 3. Kadavar leaders left the party and said – “nation first”

Trinamool Congress chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s own party, which has threatened to kill blood due to the love of Bangladeshi infiltrators and civil war in the country, has started boasting about Bangladeshi intruders.

On one hand, Mamata Banerjee has come out against the Modi government about the Bangladeshi intruders and threatens to smash the country, bloodshed, and on the other hand, Mamata’s party has begun to rebel against them and three key leaders of Trinamool Congress The party has said that the nation is the first for them. Among those who left the party included the Assam Trinamool Congress President.

According to the news, Assam’s TMC chief Dipen Pathak has resigned from his post. For his resignation, Dipen has blamed Mamata Banerjee, the national president of his own party. He alleged that Mamata Banerjee was spoiling the country’s atmosphere on the issue of NCR, while nothing in reality is the same. He said that this is the first draft of NRC and people are given the full time to register their names.

Dipen Pathak says that for them Mamata Banerjee or Trinamool Congress, but Hindustan matters, that nation will be the first to assume. Dipen Pathak said that the kind of statements the West Bengal Chief Minister is giving to him can cause tension between people of Bengali and Assam who live in Assam. Their years of old relations can be sour. He said that fluttering with the security of the country is not justified for politics but Mamta Banerjee’s statement is going to give the country a fight among the people.

While resigning from his post, Dipen told the media, “Mamta Banerjee is saying that NRC has been introduced to evict Bengali from Assam. I do not agree with this. Because the NRC itself is an ancient tribe of Assam, the names of those people are also excluded. But the government is issuing the form again from August 7th. People can appeal again on 30th. There is no need to attack before that.

Because of this, the atmosphere of Assam can be bad. Apart from Assam TMC chief Deepan Pathak, Digant Saikia and Pradeep Pachoni also left the party. These leaders have said that Mamata Banerjee does not know the real truth of the NRC. He has condemned NRC without any information. Diganta Saikia said that there is a great difference in what Mamata Banerjee is saying and the ground reality of Assam. 

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