How to adopt 2 forms in the same week, one thought in the same week.

Until yesterday, the police were the stars of their eyes. In his eyes, these were the knights who, without losing time, had arrested the people of Sanatan Sanstha and recovered all the weapons and ammunition. There was such a big discussion at that time that he considered himself to be a parallel court.

When he went to the bus, giving police help to the medal, along with promoting the Sanatan Sanstha, the members of Sanatan Sanstha should be declared guilty without any proof and they also heard the punishment according to their own. But suddenly their nature changed and their tone Together .. Why is it wrong to go inside just 1 week and now the same police did not go to them? At present, the matter has become a topic of discussion once again in the country and around the world. Receiving step

It should be known that in the letter recovered by the same Maharashtra Police, it was found that, “The growing scope of PM Modi’s entire country is a big threat for our party. Taking advantage of Modi wave, BJP has succeeded in forming a government in more than 15 states of the country. In such a case, strict action must be taken to eliminate PM Modi. We are thinking that it should be done just like the Rajiv Gandhi massacre so that it looks like suicide or accident.

PM’s roadshow can be targeted to carry out another Rajiv Gandhi assassination. In the letter from the house of Rona Wilson’s house in Delhi, the need for Rs 8 crore was written for the purchase of M-4 rifles and bullets. The police had arrested the Dalgarh activist Sudhir Raveli, lawyer Surendra Gadling, activist Mahesh Raut, Shoma Sen and Rona Wilson from Mumbai, Nagpur and Delhi, after the Allargar council in December and later in the district of Bhima-Koregaon.

Security agencies have taken major action on Tuesday in connection with the conspiracy to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pune Police has reportedly made five major arrests in the conspiracy of plotting the murder of PM Modi. These include professors, journalists and human rights activists. All these arrests have come from Delhi, Faridabad, Thane, Mumbai and Hyderabad. All of them have been detained for allegations of nexus

Naxal was allegedly conspiring to attack PM Modi. All the people caught are social workers and artists. In a way, all these accused who have created the most miserable compositions so far have been booked under IPC sections 153 A, 505 (1) B, 117,120 B, 13,16, 18, 20, 38, 39, 40 and the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. (The case has been registered under the Illegal Activities (Prevention) Act). But along with it the sudden noise and mobilization of intolerance has started.

The people who are called so-called human rights and fake human rights activists protested against the police action, said that the police have violated human rights, while just a few days ago, they are proudly praising the police on the issue of Sanatan Sanstha. Were . At present the people of the country are watching a kind of police, the work of a theory and the face of all these people together. 

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