Leftist and Congressional ideology against BJP Rahul Gandhi standing with the leftist arrested Rahul Gandhi defending the left wing on the Sangh .

This coalition was ever seen at the top of power when Congress and Left ideology were used to form a government.

Not only that, socialist ideology and Bahujan ideology also used to be included but now this kind of mail is connected in matters that are linked with the country’s security to the extent that it involves conspiracy to the prime minister’s murder. In such a situation, Congress again showed its new form.

It is known that the conspiracy to divide the country on the issue of Dalit, Upper and Maratha etc. Maharashtra Police has seen very readiness in the case of Bhima Koregaon violence and while working tirelessly, arresting many leftist thinkers after raid in five states. has gone. During the investigation of Bhima Koregaon violence, the conspiracy of killing of PM Modi was also revealed. The clear evidence has also come in the form of letters and phones in front of everyone.

Due to the activism of the police, after this highly sensational disclosure, raid was carried out in Maharashtra, Goa, Delhi, Telangana and Jharkhand and 5 Leftist thinkers have been arrested. Now in this matter, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has become aggressive on the BJP and the RSS about the arrest of leftist thinkers. It would not be wrong to say that the arrest of Leftists has been badly hit by Rahul Gandhi and it has been told till the undeclared emergency.

Not only this, Rahul Gandhi has taunted the arrest of 5 Left ideologues for plotting to murder PM Modi. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Here is the place for only one NGO and it is the national volunteer union, stop the rest. Shoot all the workers, send them to jail, this is New India. ‘ However, this is not the first time that Congress President Rahul Gandhi has taken the responsibility of targeting the National Self-Service Association.

Even on his London visit, Rahul Gandhi compared the Muslim Brotherhood of Arabia to the RSS. 

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