The Most Talktive ‘Rahul Gandhi’ Now Suggesting Modi For Development

Rahul gandhi,the Vice President of Congress Party have been in news mostly for his illogical speech which most of the time has no sense in it.The Indian National Congress

lost their power from BJP and Present Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ in the year 2014,from that point of time Rahul Gandhi never leave a single chance to target Narendra Modi.

India’s present Prime Minister “Mr. Narendra Modi” have completed his more than half tenure and PM has been successful in completing most of his promises;he made during the time of election,he ensured the political stability and providing decisive leadership with bold decisions.These dicisions were both acclaimed as well as criticised bitterly in last three years.

Rahul gandhi is one of the opposition who always discouraged and critised the decisions and steps taken by the PM for the development of our nation.whether it’s GST or Demonatisation;Rahul never leave a single opportunity
to call a flop step to Modi’s dicision.

Recently during Rahul’s Gujrat campaign,on the very second day he gave his speech
among the students.In that speech he commented on Modi by saying: modiji is wasting his time just in capturing the selfie which is according to rahul is ‘china made selfie’,he said he want china to take ‘india made selfie’ .

He continued his speech by saying: they are in power,their main focus should be enhancing education system and increasing employment,everyday 30,000 people apply for employment but only 400 people get the job.

Rahul talked about ‘start up India’ of which jay shah is said to be the icon.
he commented on Modi by saying their Government had started the “Beti Bachao Abhiyan”, now they’ll start “Beta Bachao Abhiyan”.

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