Rohingyas, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, now Afghans getting infected with India … Afghans knock at Delhi airport Increasingly religious transition in India

First Hindustan remained infected with the poison of Pakistani infiltrators, followed by the period of the Bangladeshi intruders and it threatened not only internal but external security of the country.

After this, Rohingya invaders of Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar started infiltration of Hindus in which the security agencies of the country issued an alert that Rohingya is a big threat to the unity and integrity of the country. Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Rohingyas, infiltrated Hindustan has now been challenged by Afghan maniacs. Let us tell you that the country’s capital city Delhi has heard the knock of Afghan citizens.

Let us tell you that one Afghan citizen from Terminal 3 of Delhi’s IGI Airport, which is considered to be extremely safe, went to Sydney on the second boarding pass. The information of the case occurred in interrogation of another Afghan citizen caught in suspicious condition from Terminal 3 of IGI Airport. The whole case is Saturday night. It is being told that both Afghani passengers landed at Kabul from two separate airlines flights to Delhi’s IGI airport and found in both transit lounges.

After this, the fake passenger took flight of Air India and went to Sydney. The second passenger was sitting in the lounge with his boarding pass. When a security agency officer interrogated him, he started talking about it. The suspect, the suspect, also informed the other security agencies. When the passport and other documents of the person caught were investigated, it was discovered that the fake passenger on his papers flew to Sydney to sit in the Air India flight.

It was not appropriate to call back the flight, then immediately the information provided by the security agencies of Australia was given to the fake passenger. From Sydney, that fake passenger is being reported to Delhi. The question of reality will be revealed only on the questioning, but the question is how long will such infiltration occur in the country and Hindustan will continue to be infected with religious poison. 

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