29 August – 20 killed Islamic militants, still remained in the pistol.

Major Sudhir Walia Ashok Chakra Army Medal Bar’s 18th sacrificial day is today on 29th August. Once again, the eyes of the parents of this Veer sacrificial person are humble, whose son receiving Veergati while protecting the country.

His mother Shrimati Rajeshwari and father Shri Rulia Ram Walia will offer floral tributes along with his family. Today, on August 29, 1999, Major Sudhir Walia sacrificed his life while protecting India’s unity, integrity and self respect. Maj Sudhir was a resident of Banuri, Palampur and he also did his primary education in Banuri. After studying in Sainik School, Sujanpur, he joined the army.

At the age of 30, he was martyred while protecting the country. For his sacrifice, he was awarded the Ashok Chakra on 26 January 2000 after Veergati. On August 29, 1999 at 08:30, Major Sudhir Kumar proceeded towards the dense squad of Hafruda forest in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir with a squad of five soldiers. Soon they heard the voices of terrorists but they were not being seen.

Major Sudhir Kumar crawled along with one of his friends and moved towards a higher position. When they reached the hill, they were seen by two armed terrorists standing at just four meters and at a depth of 15 meters below the terrorists, a large and closed location. The officer immediately fired at the nearby sentry and killed him and then attacked another sentry, but he jumped into his hideout.

And attacked the terrorists’ hideout. Major Sudhir Kumar, who was inside the hideout, was stunned by the action of this and Major Sudhir Kumar, who had escaped from there, ran out without any hesitation in an attempt to escape the firing. The officer alone was a masterpiece with him and fired at him from a distance of 2 kilometers and killed four terrorists

In this operation, many bullets were found in their faces, chest and side and due to excessive bleeding they fell on the entrance to that place. Despite being unable to walk due to injuries caused by bullets of bullets, Major Sudhir Kumar, while contacting all the troop commanders and nearby deployed tactics, approached the radio set and directed them to remain unattended and the remaining terrorists could not escape. Be given

After 35 minutes when the firing stopped from both sides, then they were ready to be removed from there. Despite excessive bleeding, he continued to instruct his forces in the field of contact with the radio set. They got the Veergati when they set up their radio sets. Major Sudhir Kumar thus performed supreme sacrifice in line with the highest traditions of the Indian Army while displaying outstanding bravery, courage and unparalleled courage.

Today, the Sudarshan family repeatedly bow, greet and greet on the sacrifice of that mighty hero. Major Sudhir Walia Amar Rahane .. Army of Jai Hind 

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