In that engineering college, people used to understand that studies were done, but there was a conspiracy to destroy the Hindus

Recently, the Special Police team of Delhi Police arrested two Islamic militants Pervez Rashid Lone and Jamshed Zahur from Delhi. The arrest of both the terrorists is now revealed to be a sensational one.

The two terrorists who have been arrested by the Delhi Police, one of them is affiliated with an engineering college in Amroha in Uttar Pradesh, which means that the college which was called the center for future child development, from there to destroy Hindu and Hindustan The plan was being streamlined. The student arrested is a student of DNS College of Engineering, Parvez Amroha. News of becoming a terrorist of Parvez, a student of the DNS College of Engineering of Amroha, has put everyone in the know.

Five hundred students are studying in this college of Amrohaa, who were standing outside the class after the incident to see the people coming in the college and especially the platoon of the police.After the attachment of the accused, the Uttar Pradesh police intelligence The officers of the Department and the Center Intelligence Bureau came with the local police personnel to gather all the information about terrorist Parvez Rashid Lone.

Parvez was an alumnus of this engineering college, who was arrested from a bus stop in Delhi and according to the police, Parvez and his companion got intelligence of a clandestine intelligence from a faction of the Islamic State. During questioning in Amroha, it was discovered that last time Parvez was seen on Tuesday. Police have estimated that the alleged terrorists used to hide their college use so that they could flee from Delhi to Jammu.

According to a college manager, Parvez Lone was admitted to the DNS College at around 11:30 am with one of his friends. Lone told about his friend that he should be admitted to the DNS College. The college believed on the loan and provided the place for the night stay because he took engineering degree in 2012 and also worked as a teacher in school for a few months in 2017. After spending the night in Amroha, both of them left for lunch on the second day. In the afternoon Parvez Lone called a college teacher Bashir Ahmed Dar.

After explaining the phone call details of the loan, the police had also taken Dar with local police.

Nobody knows another young man who came with him during a stay in the college in Amroha but police suspect that he could be Shakes Jamshed Zahir Paul, who was arrested with Lone in Delhi.

Delhi Police accused Jamshed Zahur Paul of having been in contact with Omar Ibn Nazir, the IS chief of Jammu for the last few years.

Delhi Police’s Deputy Commissioner (Special Cell) Pramod Kushwaha said that Paul had arranged for the stay of the extraordinary Abdullah Basit and the entire trip. Basit Iraq and Syria work as an agent in India to include Indians in ISIS. Whereas two people have been accused of supplying arms, who provided arms to Lone and Paul. Both of them are being described as Splier Minors.

Dr. Irfan Ahmad is being told that the tenancy loan was in the rental house in Amaroha. The loan lasted for four months in a hospital run by the hospital. Lone came to Amroha in 2012 for admission to civil engineering studies. In the first semester he had failed in the examination and used to spend time in the hostel with most Kashmiri students. Due to failure, Admission took place in Shri Venkateshwar University, away from Amroha to complete the graduation.

The teacher who taught the loan here told that he used to be less in the class, yet he got 60-62% marks in the examination. Parvez and Jamshed, both terrorists were arrested near the Red Fort on Thursday night. Police say that these two terrorists were going to Kashmir. Weapons from them have also been recovered. The Special Cell of Delhi Police has taken the two terrorists on a five-day remand.

Both the terrorists are from south Kashmir. There are also people of Amroha’s engineering college on the police radar from whom Parvez used to live in contact. 

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