The gold scandal coming in. Know where the country’s gold and who looted it just a few years ago? Heated politics from another scandal

The Congress got the most lost defeat till today and the BJP got a huge majority under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi

But it is surprising that the Congress government led by Manmohan Singh went on, but the genesis of the scandals is not yet leaving the Congress chasing. Yes .. In the meantime another scandal has emerged, whose name is “Sona Scam” .. The biggest thing is that this scam was also done during Manmohan Singh’s UPA 2 government. The gold scam is pointing to a big conspiracy because the scam happened in the last 7 days of the Manmohan Singh government

CBI has resumed the investigation of the gold import scheme of the second term of the UPA government. There are some new clues in the hands of the CBI. The new clues are pointing to the scam in the 80:20 gold import scheme. The special thing is that this scam is the last 7 days of the UPA-2 tenure. In which he assumed the demand of some jewelery companies without any scrutiny. In this case, applications were made by some jewelers from Tamil Nadu

According to the information, 6 jewelers from Tamil Nadu had applied to the UPA government demanding relaxation in the conditions of 80:20 gold import scheme. Without reviewing these applications, Manmohan Singh’s UPA government assumed its demand in the last week of his tenure. According to a news from the Economic Times, the CBI has started investigating the case again, then there are some new clues.

The last 7 days also came to know about the new clue. This matter has been placed in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. This is the second time when the CBI has started the preliminary inquiry in this case. The CBI’s new investigation revealed that all six applications were given to the UPA-2 government from Tamil Nadu.

The language of the application, everything from format to demand, was exactly the same. However, the dates of the applications were different, but all were given in February 2014. The RBI issued notification in this regard after the result of the general elections.

These 6 companies are different from the first list of those 7 companies. In the first 7 companies, diamond jewelers Neerav Modi and his Mama Mehul Choksi companies were involved. According to sources, the investigation is being tried to link those links which were decided before May 2014.

All people can come under the scope of investigation, which was involved in the decision-making process in the last few months of UPA 2. Investigators suspect that those applications were used to prepare land for making changes to the Gold import scheme.

According to the information received from the media sources, many top leaders of UPA 2 and RBI officials are looking into the role. The agency’s eyes are also on whether the RBI was asked to wait until a new government was formed. In the CAG report in 2016, it was claimed that under this scheme, the government exchequer got Rs one lakh crore rupees. The NDA government canceled the scheme in November 2014. According to the sources, the previous PE of the CBI was trapped due to ‘no evidence’ found in the scheme.

However, the agency is now confident that with the help of new evidence it will turn it into a regular case. In this case, there have been three high-level meetings between different agencies in the last few days. The priority of the agencies is to create a criminal case. 

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