UP CM Plans To Revive The Memory Of LOrd Rama At Ayodhya

Ayodhya,the birth place of ‘Lord Ram’ who is known as the god of truth,who always taught and enlighted the path of honesty.

He fought against the most powerful,the most intelligent and the biggest devotee of lord shiva “Raavan”
and waved the flag.In the rememberance of Lord Ram and to enhance this diwali the statue of Lord Ram is to be build in ayodhya
which can be seen from whole Ayodhya and even Indian compatriot can visit to this religious tourism place.

To showcase “Navya Ayodhya”, the one of the greatest thought and idea
planned by the UP CM Yogi Adityanath.He plan to built a ‘grand statue of Lord Rama’
at the Bank of River Saryu.It is believed that this is the place where Lord Rama took the water mausoleum.

The presentation for this plan was made by the Pricipal Secretary,Tourism,Awanish Kumar Awasthi.

It is being said that the height of the statue will 108m.
The plan also include the better development of Ram Katha gallery,a multi purpose auditorium
and various public utility service.
For the success of the idea and for the integrated development of Ayodhya,
the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of rs 195.89 crore was sent by the state government
to the tourism ministry at the centre.The ministry also provided the fund of rs.133.70 crore to the state,stated by the press communique released from the Raj Bhavan.
The proposal was presented to governor Ram Naik as part of the state tourism department’s initiatives
to promote religious tourism.
It is being said that after granting permission from ‘National Green Tribunal’ the process of the construction of statue
will start at saryughat.

The presentation by the Awanish Kumar Awasthi also included information on programmes
for diwali celebrations in Ayodhya on october 18.Everything was scheduled.It is
being said that governor Naik,CM Yogi Adityanath,Union Minister kJ Alphons and Culture Minister
Mahesh Sharma will be present on that day.
The programme list for october 18 are:a heritage walk through ayodhya,a shobha yatra to revive
the memory of the arrival of lord ram to Ayodya and a symbolic”Rajyabhishek” and it is palnned
to enlighten 1.71 lac of earthen lamps at Ram ki Paidi.Both the CM and Governor will perform “aarti”
at the new ghat of the saryu river.many artist from thailand and indonasia will be on the stage of raamleela.

This is a major and impressive step taken by the UP CM to revive the memory and struggle of The lord Rama
which touches the heart of the people and to give the holy feeling on one of our religious festival diwali
related to Lord Rama.

For the development of Ayodya, the Governor and the CM will take various major steps and start
various projects.

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