Bhim Army chief Ravana used to rape a dalit girl every night in Rawan district

Everybody is stunned to see Adil’s reputation.

Bhim Army chief Ravana used to rape a dalit girl every night in Rawan district

Everybody is stunned to see Adil’s reputation.Everybody is stunned to see Adil’s reputation.

At present, in Uttar Pradesh, in Hindu society, the biggest contribution of any organization to open the poison of caste and caste among them is that the organization named after the so-called Dalit Bhim Army. The same Bhim Army, whose leader is Chandrashekhar alias Ravana and has been imprisoned under jail under Rasuka for a long time.

Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh is the center of Bhima Army. Bhim Army, who did great talks for the upliftment of the dalits, has challenged in his hometown Saharanpur, a boisterous Adid, who raped a Dalit girl with cruelty on the day of restoration. It is necessary to mention the Bhima army here because the caste in the Bhima Army Hindu society raises the anger of Dalit Muslim unity

But the rituals of a dalit girl on the sanctum sanctorum of brother-sister relationship, when the rape of Adil is condemned, Bhima army takes silence. According to the news, misbehaving the dalit girl, who had taken a fodder in the farm of Badgaon in Saharanpur, was dragged into sugarcane field and made her aborted overnight. The accused torn off the maiden’s clothes

The victim came home only in torn clothes, and the family was stirred. It was told that the police had registered a case of sedition earlier in this case but in the medical case the rap was confirmed then the case was registered in misdeeds. This incident of rape was on Sundays on Sunday when the Dalit youth, a resident of the Badgaon police station area, went to the forest to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

It is alleged that in the forest, he was dragged into the field of sugarcane, Adil, a farmer of the Muslim community of the same village, and raped her by making a night hostage. Adil’s ignorance can be judged from the fact that Adil torn apart the victim’s clothes. In the morning, the young man escaped leaving him in a disgraceful condition. In some way the woman reached home in a semi-displaced state with torn clothes. In this condition, the family remained silent after seeing the young woman.

There was a ruckus in the house The relatives of the victim said that on Tahrir, the police filed a case in this serious case, submitting the case in tampering, but after confirming the misdemeanor in the police, the police filed it in the sections of misbehavior. Station Officer Sanjeev Kumar said that the accused is absconding. The report has been registered against him. Dabish is being searched for the accused. 

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