On the mercy of the orphan Muslim girl was adopted by the secular Ravi Kant .. But they did not know that there is a great disaster

Ravi Kant had never once got the feeling of Hindu Muslims in his life. Even though he was a Hindu, he did not even let himself be beaten around the ideology of Hinduism.
He was determined to do a noble task in which he felt that the secular forces would give him good praise and in the intellectual class he would be known as humanity’s messiah. But their estimation got demolished and they just got to lose their lives. Today they are battling with life and death … every day with the threat of death, they also become a threat to the whole family .. In Hyderabad, a person was badly injured by some people by knocking 16 times.
The victim’s suffering is so much that she adopted the orphan Muslim girl. The girl had lost her parents in the Hyderabad blasts in 2007. The man who adopted the child has been identified as Paralal Ravikant, one of the victims escaped the life of Ravi Kant in this attack and is now in Osmania Hospital. He is undergoing treatment.
It is being told that the attack on him happened on June one. According to reports, the child got a baby near Gokul Chat Center near the blasted place, only during the Hyderabad Blast. Ravikant had brought the girl home and she was nurturing it since 2007. He told that no one was asking the girl at that time that’s why she brought her to her house. When she brought the girl to her house, her family was getting threats and she was being tortured. 
The girl named Sania, who is now studying in the 8th The family that raised the child said that when he brought the girl home, the people of both the Hindu and Muslim communities had opposed this. Papalal works for making idols in a temple. Papalal said that Sania Fatima had lost her parents in 2007. Someone was not adopting him so we had brought our house. Sania’s arrival came to our home with happiness. 
Even after so many attacks, Ravikant says that we do not believe in Hindu Muslims, we believe in humanity. She is my eldest daughter and she will not leave her anymore, whatever she is. Papalal’s family is giving good education to the girl, so that she can stand on her feet. At present, the so-called secular forces in the whole of the matter, the film world and the famous intellectual class in tweet is in the mood of silence … 

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