Shakira – Shabbir decided that – “Today will make a physical relation in a new fashion, bind it on a cottage.” Then a corpse found by the police

When the police got the burnt body, the police could not understand who they were, and who did this, with whom he did it. When the investigation was done, the curtain started raising herself and the body was found dead and Shabbir was the only one to kill her friend Shakira. This sensational Mamta was Andhra Pradesh wherein police has arrested Shakira in a very short time and arrested him. 
In this sensational incident where there is suspense, it involves both love and affection. With each other, a couple tied in both physical and business relationships have killed the other by killing them. A strange case has emerged in Andhra Pradesh. Here a girlfriend allegedly binded the boyfriend with a cuff and burned her alive during sex. 
Both were also partners in the Poultry Form’s business. There was a dispute about some rupee transactions between them. In this case when Shakira heard that the police are searching for Shabbir’s killer, she handed herself over to the police. The workers who reached the farm on Saturday reached the spot and informed the police. On reaching the spot, the police sent Shabbir’s body to postmortem. Police was investigating, Meanwhile, Shakira reached the police station and surrendered here.
The police is questioning Shakira by registering a case in the proper sections of the police. This sensational and all shocking event is in Chattapalli village in Prakasam district of Konkamitila Mandal in Andhra. Police said that 32-year-old Sheikh was a resident of Shabbir Podli. He was a Home Guard in Meripudi police station. At the same time, the accused Shakira (28) is a resident of Podli village. Shabbir also accompanied with Homeguard, along with Shakira also used to run a poultry farm in the chotapaalem. 
It is being told that both of them had secretly married, but kept their relations hidden in the most. Podli Inspector M Srinivasa Rao said that between the last eight months between Shabbir and Shakira, there was a dispute about the transaction of rupees. Both of them decided to meet in the poultry farm on Saturday night. Shakira had already prepared here to kill Shabbir. After the arrival of Shabbir, both of them had allegedly sexually assaulted a bed here. 
In the meantime, Shakira tied her with a steel chain on the couch. After that Shakira put petrol on fire and set fire on Shabbir.
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