Baba Ramdev ji talks about the mind of the country … Rohingya and Bangladeshi do not run away if this is going to happen in India Speak country

Rohingya and Bangladesh can not be settled in India

After the release of the Assam NRC, the world famous Yogguru Swamy Ramdev has also made his statement about the illegal intruders living in the country among the political hoodlums.

Having heard such a statement, the nationalists have jumped with joy and are supporting Swami Ramdev in one note. Swamy Ramdev said that if any illegal intruders belong to any country they should be deported from the country, otherwise they will make 10 and Kashmir full of problems. He has said that people from Rohingya and Bangladesh can not be settled in India

It is known that a big campaign is being organized in Assam with illegal Bangladeshi people. In the draft of National Register Citizens (NRC), about 40 lakh people have been declared illegal. However, these people have a chance to prove their citizenship and have been given a chance. Swamy Ramdev said that such people should be banished from the country as soon as possible, otherwise they will create 10 more Kashmirs.

He said that it is difficult for the government to handle a Kashmir and if these illegal intruders are not stopped then such 10 Kashmiris will be ready and at that time it will be in a very dangerous situation, it is easy to see the prevailing situation in Kashmir. can go. Swamy Ramdev said that Rohingya and Bangladeshi infiltrators are foreign nationals and they camped in India.

They say that if Rohingya is settled here, ten more Kashmiris will be ready in India. Yogguru Ramdev said that around 4 crore people are living illegally throughout the country. Baba Ramdev said that whether he is a Bangladeshi, a Pakistani or a Rohingya, illegal immigrants have always created a major threat to India’s security.

And in that sense all of them should be banished because in the guise of humanity, we can not accept the unity, integrity and security of the country. Baba Ramdev said that the controversy started in Assam with regard to the NRC issue is not taking the name. Some people are saying it in the national interest, then politics of some votes is in agreement. He said that three to four crore foreign nationals are living illegally in India who must be carried out outside the country. 

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