It was also going to declare “Mob Lynching” in which Daridhe Shajid Ahmed had gathered to save the innocent of Class VI. Many people know what happened then ?

The discussion of mobs lining across the country is very strong. All the political parties are the attackers on the Modi government’s mob lynching and they say that under the guise of mob lynching , people of particular community (Muslims) are being targeted, they are being assassinated. Rather than knowing the reason why this is happening, the Hindu community is being accused.
Mobs lynching One such case has emerged from the Aara district of Bihar, where villagers assaulted a teacher who was seducing the girl, who was tried to name the mobs lynching. The case belongs to the Udhantnagar police station in Bihar’s Aara district. According to the news, Aara is a middle school promoted in Malthar village in Udwantnagar police station area. Shajid Ahmed teaches a teacher in the school.
Shahid Ahmad tried to seduce the innocent schoolgirl studying in class 6 and vandalism. When the student arrived at his house, he told his family to act as a teacher in the act of Havan Shajid Ahmad. After which the children of the child reached other rural schools and talked to the teacher about this, the inverted teacher started indecency. The villagers then beat the shajid ahmed
Following the beating of Shajid Ahmad, his colleagues complained to the police by giving the name of Mob Lynching to this incident and said that the basis of religion was targeted and beaten. The villagers have alleged that the said teacher often complains to the girls about making obscene acts about which the school manager knows but there is no action on this.
On this case the victim said that I had gone to the school to get poisoned. Upon returning to class, the said teacher caught hold of my hand and started taking obscene behavior. The teacher threatened to oppose me if I told anyone, then the consequences would be bad. As a teacher, Haivan Shajid Ahmed has nominated all 6 including Nepali Singh, Chintu Kumar and Deepak Kumar as teacher. On the other hand, teachers of the villagers should be arrested immediately. Police Station Officer Rajiv Ranjan said that the police are involved in the investigation of the case.
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