Shamefully shocked humanity by seeing such a stupid face of Lalu’s closest leader … Pretended to be 2 minor

Laloo’s raj is called Jangaraj in Bihar, its lunatic lalu Yadav’s party Rashtriya Janata Dal activists have once again appeared. According to the news, a case of inhuman behavior has been brought out by RJD leader and his supporters in Nawada, Bihar, with a minor boy.

The 10th student of Hissua and one of his companions was tortured after making a 16-hour mortgage charge for theft of a vehicle. Along with beating, the boy’s body has also been burned to cigarettes in many places. Hissua RJD is accused of blocking a minor boy on the block president Umesh Yadav and some of his colleagues. It has been told that the RJD leader has caught a child of 10 years and one of his companions on charges of bull roko and then crossed the limits of harmony with him.

On charges of bolero burglary, Kheria resident Kripanandan Sav’s 16 year old son Jigar was mortgaged for 16 hours after torturing and the accused handed it over to Narhat police station. The Narahat police left the minor after research. After leaving the station, Hissua reached PHC to treat the victim, where she told the media workers their predecessors. After treatment, the victim and his family reached the Hissua Police Station and complained of torture to the police.

The victim student has lodged a complaint against the 14 -15 people, including the District President of the RJD and the Gurukhi resident Umesh Yadav, Mithilesh Kumar Yadav, Pappu Yadav, Pankaj Kumar. The victim said that the victim and his companion were brutally assaulted by the belt He was beatified and not falsely charged with cigarette. The victim’s mother told that her child is going to read and is over-excited with it.

In this case Hissua police say that the victim has received written application in the police station. The entire matter will be investigated and the people found guilty in the investigation will be subjected to action. 


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